Q   I don’t have my results yet.

A   How long has it been ? Basic tests should take 24 hours, all other tests will take additional time. If you feel it has been longer than you had expected please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Q   Do we test for human drinking water ?

A    We DO NOT test for human drinking water. We are an agriculture based lab.

Q   How much forage sample should I send in ?

A    For best results, we recommend sending 1 liter by volume.

Q    I would like to add an additional test to my previously tested sample.

A    Yes, you can add on additional tests as long as we still have a retained sample available.

Q    What water bottles should I use to submit a water sample ?

A    For a W1  (Total Coliform & E. coli)  you will need a 100ml sterile bottle containing sodium thiosulfate from us. For all other water analysis tests done then you will need  a 500ml bottle (we do not provide this bottle).

Q   Do we test soil ?

A    No, we do not test soil.

Any other questions you have please contact us at

Toll Free: 1.877.326.8188
Phone: 604.557.1486
email: info@fraseranalytical.com