Apparent Starch Digestibility

Fecal Sampling for Nutritional Information Parameters

  • Sample 10 cows in a group that have been consuming the same ration for a period of two weeks. Cows should be less than 150 days in milk.
  • Sample (one good handfull per cow) should be taken rectally and mixed well in a bucket.
  • If rectal grab samples are not possible, carefully sample 10 fresh cow manure piles being careful to not collect staw or other foreign matter and insure that the sample is representative of what the cow dropped.
  • We need about 250 ml for analysis.

TMR Sampling for Nutritional Information Parameters

  • Sample fresh TMR from multiple locations in the bunk prior to cows eating, taking care to sample the beginning, middle, and end of the mix that is run off. Carefully sample handfuls into a 5 gallon bucket, working to insure that the samples represent the ratio of grain and forage present.
  • Mix the sample well in the bucket taking care that the grain and fines do not drop to the bottom.
  • Dump into a cone of a flat, clean surface.
  • Sample a wedge from the cone and transfer to a quart Ziplock bag for shipping to the laboratory. Press out as much air as possible.

Labeling for Analysis

  • Label the TMR “Apparent Starch Digestibility” by chemistry or NIR
  • Label the Fecal sample “Apparent Starch Digestibility” by chemistry or NIR
  • Make sure that the account and farm name information is consistent on these two samples and ship together in the same package.
  • Ship for the samples to arrive in one to two days.
  • If NIR analysis is requested, you will receive an NIR Fecal Analysis Report, a NIR TMR Analysis Report, and an Apparent Starch Digestibility Report. If chemistry is requested, the DM, Starch, Lignin, and Apparent Starch Digestibility will be reported on one report.